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The last few months have been tough for many. Not only has it been emotionally draining, but some Kiwis are also facing the financial stress of having lost jobs or are imminently facing redundancy.

One thing’s for sure; after all this is over, we’re all going to need a biiiiig holiday!

If you’re ready to get back on the road now, then we’re open are ready for you. Bookings can be made online now. However, if you’re still not sure when is the right time to hit the road again or haven’t decided where to go on your next adventure, a TOP 10 Gift Voucher is the perfect option.

For a limited time, we’re offering 20% off Gift Vouchers. They're a great way to put money away for your stay, then enjoy the 20% off savings when you are finally on holiday.

Know anyone who has been doing it rough throughout the pandemic? TOP 10 Gift Voucher also make for special gifts and are great for lending a helping hand to special friend or family member doing it tough. It’s a great incentive to them to actually take ‘that holiday’.

Buy a TOP 10 Gift Voucher today and save 20% off.

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