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  • Oamaru Blue Penguin Colony


    10% off all Adult tickets for the evening viewing at the Oamaru Blue Penguin Colony.

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  • 10% off at Rose's General Store


    TOP 10 members are invited to save 10% off purchases made at Rose's General Store in Oamaru.

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  • 15% off food and drink at Harbour Street Collective Cafe


    TOP 10 members are invited to save 15% off food and drink purchases made at Harbour Street Collective Cafe in Oamaru.

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    • 8 Harbour Street, South Hill, Oamaru
    • 034343246
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  • Steampunk HQ


    Steampunk HQ opened in November 2011. It is an art collaboration proudly based in the small southern coastal town of Oamaru, New Zealand. It portrays an industrial version of Steampunk, with a giant sense of humour and larger than life visions of an off the wall Steampunk universe. Steampunk HQ is well known for its full scale train engine that spits fire and billows smoke.

    The Lonely Planet Guide rates Steampunk HQ as one of NZ’s best new tourist attractions.

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  • Bushy Beach - Yellow Eyed Penguins


    Yellow-eyed penguin/hoiho breed at Bushy Beach. Adult penguins return to feed their young at any time of the day. You can also regularly see New Zealand fur seals, with New Zealand sea lions and elephant seals occasional visitors to the beach. The best time of day is from 3pm onward.

    To avoid disturbing the yellow-eyed penguins/hoiho, keep off the beach between 3 pm and 9 am.

    Keep at least 20 m distance from marine wildlife.

    There are no toilet facilities at Bushy Beach.

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