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TOP 10 has a range of great holiday parks in North Island. Whether you're thinking of camping, staying in a cabin or embarking on a campervan tour, TOP 10 has you covered.

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Why the North Island is a great place for a holiday

New Zealand's North Island consists of spectacular landscapes, beautiful coastal towns and magnificent natural wonders.

Home to about 75% of New Zealand’s population, you will journey through the many towns and regions that make up the North Island, rich in history and traditional Maori culture.

In the south of the North Island you will find Wellington, the nation’s capital. Built around the harbour, Wellington is renowned for its cosmopolitan culture with great food, wine and craft beer.

With a plethora of fascinating towns, sandy beaches, rugged mountains and volcanoes offering breathtaking views, the North Island will be sure to provide you with an unforgettable memory of New Zealand.

Camping in the North Island

The North Island is made up of many beautiful towns and regions, and TOP 10 Holiday Parks offer a great range of camping accommodation for you to stay at throughout your journey.

You are able to customise your holiday to cater to your needs, whether you are travelling with the family and want to keep things simple, or if you’d rather a more luxurious camping trip with friends.

TOP 10’s campgrounds have a range of facilities to make things as easy and care-free as possible for you.

Enjoy designated play areas for the kids, outdoor BBQs and laundry facilities. TOP 10 has got you covered for everything you need.

Caravan parks in the North Island

If you’re planning a caravan tour of the lovely North Island, then TOP 10 Holiday Parks are the perfect place for you to stay while on your trip.

With everything you need from shared laundry, kids play areas and kitchen facilities, TOP 10’s award winning holiday parks are not to be missed.

The friendly staff at each TOP 10 Holiday Park are full of local knowledge and are happy to provide tips and advice to help you make the most of your stay in the North Island.

Cabins and motels in the North Island

If you want an authentic camping holiday, but aren’t sure staying in a tent or campervan is the right choice for you, TOP 10 also offer a range of cabins and motels in the North Island and across New Zealand.

Enjoy the comfort of your own bed and privacy after a long day of exploring the North Island. Cook a home cooked meal to share with your family after days on the road eating out of plastic packets.

The cabins and motels provided by TOP 10 will give you an authentic camping experience without the hassle.

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