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7.5% off Goldwing & Sidecar Tours

In half an hour we take you through the village, up Settler’s Hill, back through the village up Lighthouse Rd for a view of the town and harbour, out to Onuku Marae, back to Akaroa past the lighthouse and return to the main wharf. In one hour get even higher up on the Summit Rd. Ride the rim of the volcano with photo stops along the way to the Okains Bay intersection. Enjoy the spectacular views across Akaroa harbour as you head down Okains Bay Rd to Robinsons Bay. The one and a half and two hour tours go further around the Summit Rd. Three hour tours go to Okains Bay and Little Akaloa or to Little River as well as the Summit Rd. Four and a half hours will get you to She Universe Chocolate Cafe at Governors Bay via Gebbies Pass, over Dyers Pass, around the base of the Port Hills and back to Akaroa with stops on the way for photos and commentary.

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