Orokawa Bay

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Orokawa Bay

Waihi Beach to Orokawa Bay

Time: 45 min one way

The walk to Orokawa Bay starts at the northern end of Waihi Beach. It may not be possible to access this track from the beach at times of high tide and strong swell. The track is popular and skirts the coastal headlands before descending into Orokawa Bay. This beach is not considered safe for swimming due to the steep grade of the seafloor, but is popular for picnicking with its lovely overhanging pohutukawa.

Good fishing can be found off the rocks at the northern end of Orokawa Bay. Take care for tidal movements and wave conditions which can change suddenly.

Orokawa Bay to William Wright Falls

Time: 40 min one way

The William Wright Falls are located 40 minutes inland from the northern end of Orokawa Bay. The track is tramping grade with multiple stream crossings and should not be attempted in heavy rain.

Orokawa Bay to Homunga Bay

Time: 2 hr one way

The track winds around the headlands north of Orokaway Bay, leading to the popular fishing location of Homunga Bay.

Homunga Bay to Ngatitangata Road

Time: 45 - 60 min one way

Homunga Bay can be explored before returning the same way, or follow a pole-marked route through adjacent farmland to Ngatitangata Road.  As this is a steep climb up, many people who wish to do a one way choose to start here and walk through to Waihi Beach.

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