Introducing a new look and Park categories

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Introducing a new look and Park categories

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4 April 2017 – Press Release

TOP 10 Holiday Parks are unveiling a smart new look which includes segmenting the brand into three, allowing for better communication to and consumer understanding of what the parks offer.


The three categories Premium, Superior and Classic Holiday Parks will better communicate what a visitor can expect on arrival and will better cater for traveller’s varying expectations, needs and budgets.

 The move comes after extensive research involving 1400 guests. Research showed that many visitors wanted to better understand what they were getting before arrival at a park. A segmentation approach offers greater clarity and helps visitors understand the options on offer in each location like heated swimming pools, wifi and more amenities and facilities.

 TOP 10 Holiday Park Group chief executive David Ovendale says that visitors have become more complex and that the organisation saw an opportunity to diversify to address this increasingly complex market reality.

 “Segmentation allows us to do a better job at ensuring customer expectations and reality will be more closely aligned where it matters, on arrival at a holiday park.”

 “With a continuously fragmenting market it became apparent that visitors to our parks all have different expectations, needs and objectives they are looking to have met on their holiday. We felt that the TOP 10 Group had an opportunity to respond to this through segmenting our offering and telling better stories about what we offered at each park and in each location,” says Ovendale.

 The segmentation and rebranding project was undertaken with the help of Miles Partnership and Q Brand Agency.  

 The result is a fresh, bold and modern identity that’s friendly, welcoming and responds to the reality that not all visitors are the same, nor are they looking for the same experience when visiting a holiday park.


TOP 10 Holiday Park owner Jeanette Edwards says that staying at a TOP 10 holiday park is a real Kiwi tradition where guests make old and new connections with friends and families and the new branding and park tiers won’t change that. Visitors will still experience world class customer service and cleanliness across the park network, irrespective of the segment.

 “The parks will still have the same friendly vibe our guests know and love, but now we can more easily communicate what’s available in each of our parks and what’s important to one guest compared to another and cater to a broad range of desires and budgets.

 “TOP 10 guests are an even mix of 50/50 domestic versus international and 15 per cent don’t have English as their first language - we know that different types of visitors require a different experience and style.”

 The new segments will cater for a variety of local and international visitors including the family market wanting a safe, fun holiday with lots to do, the Gen Y 20-25 year olds who go away with friends and the active retirees wanting affordable comfort at their favourite New Zealand destinations.


The new Quadrant Assessment Model has been developed especially for the TOP 10 Group and to determine the tiers, parks are now assessed in four key areas. In addition to minimum Qualmark ratings, the new Quadrant Assessment Model is made up of a Reputation Management scoring system, Facilities and Amenities requirements by segment and a TOP 10 Member Participation component.

 This Quadrant Assessment Model intellectual property is owned by the TOP 10 Group and provides a ‘state of the art’, world-class assessment model by broadening and deepening the criteria on which properties are assessed. The quadrant model includes all the major components that are considered by visitors in making their travel and accommodation decisions and the major factors important to the effective running of the TOP 10 Holiday Park group.


The new look tiers will be unveiled across all 47 parks, including signage, the website, staff clothing and all promotional material over the next 6 months.

Find out more on the three new categories by clicking here.




Key Facts

TOP 10 has 47 parks and was established 34 years ago in 1983. New Zealand Holiday Parks currently generate 7.7 million guest nights annually, representing 20% of all commercial guest nights in the past year. Guest nights to holiday parks generally are made up of 34% international visitors and 66% domestic visitors although the TOP 10 Group has an almost even 50/50 split.


While staying at New Zealand Holiday Parks, visitors contribute, in terms of direct expenditure, more than $1 billion annually to the New Zealand economy. Guests staying at holiday parks contribute over $1 billion in direct expenditure to local communities annually. Approximately $578 million (54%) of the expenditure is from domestic travelers with the balance of $490 million (46%) spent by international travelers.