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COVID-19 Update

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Vaccination Certificate Requirement Update  

The TOP 10 Holiday Parks Group is committed to the wellbeing and safety of our customers, staff, and contractors. To this end, in line with health and safety expectations and current traffic light alert levels, all parks have conducted a risk assessment of their environment.  

Based on the outcomes of these assessments which recognise a number of factors including the range of park facilities and amenities offered, the park layout and scale, the region where the park is located and expected occupancy levels over the coming months our parks have determined that a no vaccination/no stay policy will no longer be in place at any of our parks.

All parks however reserve the right to reintroduce this policy or similar policy should the situation change and an assessment of the environment determine that it is the prudent & appropriate action to take. The decision, whether or not to introduce a vaccination policy, is individual to every park and is based a range of considerations along the lines of those outlined above and may include the presence of immuno-compromised people on site. 

All parks continue to have additional guidelines around what is expected on arrival and during your stay which may include masking when in some areas of the park including the reception, social distancing as practicable, particularly in the communal areas and including the practice of normal hygiene measures like handwashing and sanitising.

All parks have the expectation that guests will not arrive in the park if COVID symptomatic or if showing general signs of sickness or if someone in their party exhibits these. Parks also expect all guests to follow current legislative requirements for example self-isolation when either COVID positive or the household contact of someone who is COVID positive. In such cases, the Book with Confidence Guarantee may be applicable.

All guests are expected to practice good personal hygiene (hand washing, not travelling if anyone in the party is unwell etc.). 

All parks continue to have enhanced cleaning regimes in place and offer sanitisation in appropriate areas of the park.

We kindly ask that all TOP 10 customers show respect to staff at the parks across our group. These continue to be challenging and stressful times on a number of levels for all of us and our staff will be doing their best to deliver the service levels you are accustomed to at our parks and keep everyone safe at the same time. Rude and/or abusive behaviour towards staff, and/or other guests will not be tolerated and may result in cancellation of a booking and/or membership termination. 

If you have any questions regarding individual park policies, please get in touch with the park directly. For anything further, please email us at 

Book with Confidence Guarantee: 

We understand that the relative uncertainty we are continue to feel in different ways may have implications for your confidence to book a stay at one of our parks over the next couple of months and, with that in mind, we have retained a “Book with Confidence Guarantee” applicable to bookings made online via our website and directly with the parks.

All parks reserve the right to implement and amend any health related policies as and when they deem appropriate. 

*Policy dates are subject to change